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How Cakebe was started

Mom and Daughter decorate a cake

My name is Julia. I am a cake decorator and owner of Cakebe.

I will always believe my brand was destined to come to the market. Like many other children, I began decorating cakes alongside my mom when I was just a very young tike. I don’t want to say that I was born with an icing spatula in my hand, but it’s true. Spending time watching the confections come together under Mom’s skillful hands is how most of us kids got our first taste for cooking and baking – my story is no exception.

Later I turned my passion into a career, and there are few things more satisfying than making beautiful cakes from scratch while experimenting with new flavors using all-natural ingredients like fresh fruit or nuts.

Mom and Daughter decorate a cake
Cake decorating tools mess

Cakebe was founded easy

because I couldn’t find what I wanted in the cake decorating tools that were currently on the market. There indeed were an abundance of tools on the market, but I was continually running up against some frustrating issues:

  • Some Name Brands being very costly
  • No-name brands being affordable but having inferior quality products.
  • Brands are offering a collection of tools – many unnecessary & not useful.

I grew tired of buying something insanely pricey, buying bad-quality products. I also reached my end of purchasing a collection of tools in a box where I only was seeking to find one or two of the items inside. The additional tools were essentially useless to me and a waste of money. The instruments began to pile up – only a portion of them were tools I was using continuously. And the storage of all these little cake decorating gadgets was nothing short of a nightmare.

I well remember that day when I finally threw my hands up in the air and decided that I could solve these problems – not only for myself but for many other passionate cake decorators who are undoubtedly facing the same issues.

Julia holds her cake decorating kit

I realized how valuable my experience was, and I became even more determined to create these practical, affordable, easy-to-use cake decorating tools. The passion for bringing this product line to other cake decorators began to equal my original passion for cake decorating itself. The ideas seemed to compound upon one another, and a continuation of better and better ideas ensued.

So that's how Cakebe was born!